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Mobile Massage | Treatments

Individual Mobile 

is a Restful, and Relaxing type treatment, mobile clients are able to receive massage in the comforts and convenience of their own home. With no hassle of traffic, being late for an appointment, or being extremely charged. Mobile services are billable to insurance, The Motio Mobile Treatment includes either full body massage with or without focus. Mobiles include aromatherapy hot towels and general massage some Treatment enhancements are available. Travel charges may apply  for out of town mobiles. Motio Will Travel up to 45 minutes outside Winnipeg. a detailed medical history is also required with a mobile screening.

 60 minutes $91.95

75 Minutes $110.25

90 Minutes $136.50

Motio Treatment Parties

do you Have a special event that you want to host? Try the Motio Treatment Party, ideal for parties of 4 people or more this includes 30min Massages for you and your guests, with optional facial mask. This treatment includes 30 minutes of massage and aromatherapy. in the comfort and convenience of your home, hotel or office and includes the option to t purchase Motio ArOma Shop products.

2 hours $230.95 4 people

Staff Appreciation Mobile Treatments

ideal for staff appreciation parties of 8-16 people this will include 15 min chair or table massages with aromatherapy delivered to your office 

2 hours 230.95

3 hours 321.95 

4 hours+ Call To Inquire

Parking Fee (if applicable) 

will be added to the treatment cost

Travel charges (if applicable)

0-20 Minutes $0.00

25-30 minutes $7.00

30-40 minutes $25.00

45 Minutes + $45.00

Motio Massage Therapy is pleased to accept Cash, Credit or debit at time of service. we do direct bill for mobile services after the first appointment. any subsequent visits we directly bill to the client. This means you pay upfront but we submit the payment directly to you, which will be either automatically deposited into your account or you will receive a check int he mail directly from your insurance provider. You will be notified when the claim has been submitted typically within 4-24 hours after the treatment.