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About Us | Motio Massage Therapy Team!!!

Hello I am Motio the, mind and spirit of Motio Massage Therapy i am the creativity, energy and the passion behind this experience. I am the Extended  power of  Jordan, who is My physical form i wish to create Human connection and optimize Human Performance in the art and science of touch and aromatherapy. i am the energy behind the hands of passionate massage therapists, that can strip away your pain and tension. and relieve stress and pressure. people hold onto.

Hello i am Jordan Schimnowski, a Registered Massage therapist and owner and operator of Motio Massage therapy, im devoted to helping people from all walks of life, who suffer from chronic pain or stress of many kinds.

I graduated from  a 2550 hour diploma program held at Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy in 2012. my time at Wellington College was one of the best times of my life. There I discovered My passion to help people with  massage therapy . Hot Stone Massage, Treatment and assessment, Indian head massage, pre and post sports massage, aromatherapy, as well as soft tissue release. I've been practicing for starting 6 years now and am still feeling great about my career. Its my dream to offer the best massages in Canada. I focus my practice on therapeutic massage, assessment and treatment, spa therapies and mobile massage. In the past 6 years Motio has been my everything.