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Yes we do Direct Bill to Most Major Insurance Companies.

Motio Massage Therapy Treatments

Therapeutic Treatment 
Are  Therapeutic based treatment and assessment  that focus on fixing, mobilizing and relieving joint and muscle tension. These treatments are unique to every client. Therapeutic massage may include  Muscle energy techniques, stretching, passive range of motion, active range of motion or pathological testing. With every Therapeutic massage, a detailed medical history is required to be filled out in order to give you the best treatment and recommendations possible. They may  include Hot Towels and Aromatherapy (optional)

15 mins $26.25
30 mins $52.50
60 mins $80.85
90 mins $120.75

Enhanced  Therapeutic Treatment

An enhanced treatment is a full body head to toe Treatment with or without focus. Designed to everyone's specific needs. An enhanced treatment is a full body head to toe Treatment with hot towels, aromatherapy and the clients choice of either hot stone, painted paraffin wax, body polish or any of our other enhanced treatments. Enhanced treatments are designed to cater to our clients who enjoy a full body wellness experience of the body and mind, as well as induce you into a high state of relaxation.

60 Minutes $102.85

75 Minutes $116.15

90 minute $142.75

Other enhancements:

Full body mask $30.00

Revival back treatment        $25.00 

Cleopatra foot polish          $20.00

Facial massage and mask    $22.00

foot soak and exfoliation    $15.00

Hot oil Scalp Treatment       $10.00

Aromatherapy treatment     $7.00 


Appointment Time Frame

 Appointment times are not guaranteed times for mobile appointments. They are based on external factors, such as traffic and weather. Times may fluctuate 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment time. We at Motio will always do our best to notify you if your appointment time is subject to change. At Motio, we strive to always be punctual and convenient for our clients. 

Please Note 
Great West Life, Blue Cross, and Manulife insurance allow for us to look into a clients massage coverage. On week ends most insurance companies are closed. If you are a new client on your first appointment, you may be required to pay upfront for the first visit if we can not access your information.

Late Policy 

A late appointment will be charged and we will give you the best massage possible in the time that is remaining. Minimum 24 hours before their appointment if time needs to be changed. If clients fail to do so and are late for their appointment, a full charge of the scheduled visit will be applied. 

No show policy

At Motio Massage Therapy we have a stricked  no show policy if you do not show up for your appointment you will be charged 100% of the treatment cost.  

Direct Billing

Motio Massage Therapy direct bills for some major insurance companies. Direct billing services will follow on your second appointment. if you would like us to direct bill for you please be aware that you must have a credit card on file. if for whatever reason the claim does not get accepted we will first contact the insurance provider to see were the error occurred, after that if the problem has not been solved internally you will be charged for the appointment via the credit card on file.